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From 1,000,000 square feet or more to small stand-along commercial properties, Westar works on commercial roofs of any size. Call us today for more information.

Service and Repair

Too often, tenants and owners look away from the small leak that stains a corner of a ceiling tile when it rains.

For emergency assistance, please dial 757.886.5143. If you receive the answering service, please follow the emergency instructions provided.

If you are looking for general service or repairs, or you are interested in a roof inspection, you can request a quote online or contact Billy Sisley.

Trapped moisture can spawn mold that can be dangerous. Structural damage to the roof deck from reoccurring "minor" leaks will eventually cause major damage. Many times owners replace a roof because it leaks, only to find that there is structural damage at the source of these leaks.

Westar Roofing offers all types of commercial roofing work that is required with owner/tenant upgrades associated with all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc. We will follow the manufacturer's specifications when performing this work so that your roof warranty remains in effect.

Westar Roofing can provide you with a comprehensive roof inspection, as well as an inspection of all components associated with the roof. We will create a detailed report complete with photos, outlining the observed condition of your roof. Along with this report, we will outline repair prioritization including estimated costs/rates, overall rating of the roof as it relates to function, and expected life remaining. If applicable, we will also offer recovery methods, such as roof coatings, that are available.